About Us

When you visit Bondi Junction Physiotherapy your health, wellness, and comfort is top priority. I am committed to providing you with personalised care that is specific to your needs and conditions, and am absolutely passionate about helping everyone achieve their best. At Bondi Junction Physiotherapy you can expect to have your story about your pain and/or problem listened to.  This combined with a holistic and unique assessment approach will allow contributing factors to be identified and the most appropriate and individualised care to be provided.

You will receive information about your body, and your condition, that will allow you to make informed decisions and be an active part of your journey to improved health, better movement, and ultimately achieving your goals.

Treatment at Bondi Junction Physiotherapy has a very strong hands on approach with minimal use of equipment. If appropriate you will have your stabilising muscles assessed with the use of real-time ultrasound, so that you will know exactly what you are doing. Rebecca has had the opportunity to learn from world renowned Physiotherapists in physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, and pelvic floor physiotherapy. This will mean you will receive the most innovative and exceptional experience.


What to expect

During your first appointment you will sit down and have a chat about your concerns, pain and/or problem. This is because no two problems and the story behind them are alike, and it will allow your assessment and care to be specific for your needs.

Following this there will be an assessment of your posture, movement especially through your challenging or meaningful activities, strength, flexibility, ligament integrity, and joint mobility and health.  If appropriate an assessment of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with diagnostic ultrasound will also be performed. You will have a thorough explanation of what is going on with your body and a management plan created just for you.

You will learn about your body and what you can do to optimise how you move; allowing you to be an active part of your journey to improved health, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Treatment at Bondi Junction Physiotherapy has a strong hands on approach, and you will be the only one being treated at that time.

What to bring?

Shorts/T-shirt or singlet, comfortable clothes (We have shorts if you forget)
Current X-Ray/MRI/imaging, if relevant to your concerns
Referral letter from specialist or GP, if you have one
Running shoes if appropriate

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