Do you believe that you can have less pain and discomfort, decrease your risk of injury or falls, and generally feel that you can move better? If so Bondi Junction Physiotherapy can help.

The aim of your physiotherapy session is to identify the area of injury, reduce pain and inflammation to allow tissue healing, strengthen and rehabilitate the injured area, and prevent injury re-occurrence.

Bondi Junction Physiotherapy can help with  managing a range of problems including:

Back Pain
Sacro-Iliac Joint
Pubic Symphysis Pain
Hip and Groin Pain

Neck Pain and Headaches
Facial Pain and TMJ (Jaw)
Knee Injuries
Ankle Injuries

Arthritis and Joint Pain
Pelvic Floor
Pregnancy and Post-Natal

Physiotherapy treatment may include:

Massage and myofascial release
Joint Mobilisation
Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Real Time Ultrasound
Braces and Sports Taping
Strength Training

Exercises for Rehabilitation
Balance Training
Postural Re-education

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Connect TherapyTM and Integrated Systems ModelTM

Rebecca has received specialised training in Connect TherapyTM and Integrated Systems ModelTM. These approaches take into account the whole body and all that has happened to it, with a strong focus on determining how one area is affecting another.

The aim of this assessment approach is to identify the “driver” of your pain and dysfunction. That is the region or regions that are causing other areas of the body to become overloaded and therefore painful.

By combining a detailed analysis of how you move, together with an understanding of  how the body should optimally move, you can then specifically rehabilitate for your needs, and ultimately restore alignment and control to allow beautiful, easy movement whatever you are doing.

Rebecca has had the opportunity to assist teaching Canadian Physiotherapist and Connect TherapyTM creator Dr LJ Lee when she has taught Connect TherapyTM courses in Australia in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

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