Core Stability Physiotherapy

Core Stability does not mean core strength but rather how all your muscles work in timing, coordination, and strength to give stability but also fluidity and flexibility to your spine and body. This means that the muscles that are in your abdominal wall, back, gluteals, and even your diaphragm need to be able to increase and decrease the intensity at which they are working depending on what you are doing.

We know that during an acute episode of back pain the deep abdominal muscles and deep back muscles whose only job is to stabilise the spine ¬†are often inhibited by pain. Research has also shown that often as pain resolves these muscles don’t return to their normal pattern of work and activation.

At Bondi Junction Physiotherapy we use Real-Time Ultrasound to visualise the deep abdominal muscles and deep back muscles to both diagnose specifically how they are working, and then to use the ultrasound to hep retrain normal function.

Once you know how to activate your deep stabilising muscles you will be given specific exercises to train these muscles through movement, to again allow not only stability, but flexibility and fluidity to your spine and body.


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